this is an actual summary

this is an actual summary

i have some regrets

i have some regrets

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3, 10, 8--top 5 things that make you happy to be alive. :) x


why i love my best friend: UGHHHHHHHH we’ve been friends since i was 14. longest relationship thumbs up emoji. insert 50 page paper of feelings. also when we go out to eat, i have her look at the menu and pretend she’s me. her food decisions for me are always on point and like. there’s literally so many things i can say about her but that is the first thing i thought of and i think it says enough imo

biggest turn on(s): i’m laughing so hard. idk. i like to laugh. make me laugh and i’m probably good. (also rings on girls with nice hands? that’s such a thing don’t talk to me right now)

top 5 things that make me happy to be alive: my family, my best friend, GIRLS, WRITING, CONCERTS

9 & 14

PIERCINGS. i have a basic ear piercings right now but i wanna get my upper ears done and also maybe my nose. tattoos will probably happen first tho bc i have a problem

8. Top 5 songs to write to 9. Tattoooooooooossss

5 songs to write to???????? I LOVE AND HATE THIS WITH ALL OF MY BEING. 

TATTOOS. I still wanna get the last line of the moravian motto “in all things, love” across my wrist in my best friend’s handwriting. I also want this, I just haven’t decided where it’s gonna go :c

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4. last time i cried and why: recently because indescribable joy??? like. i got a job that i wasn’t expecting and it felt like such a seamless transition? which idk my life has been a lot of things but seamless is not one of them so i think that added to it. so the night after my first day of work i seriously just wept because i was so unbelievably relieved and in disbelief and grateful and so, so happy. TODAY I GOT TO TAKE IN PHOTOS TO PERSONALIZE /MY/ DESK AND LET ME TELL U HOW STOKED I AM ABOUT IT
12. ideas of a perfect date: wait i texted my best friend. me: “IF YOU WERE ME what would you say” her: “Out to a food truck for burgers. Home for Netflix. Brief snuggle.” YEAH.
13. life goals(s): financial stability and healthy relationships.
17. a fact about my life: i grew up in a low-income household with my mom and brother so i’ve been conditioned to appreciate the little things almost as deeply as i resent the system.


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4. Last time I cried and why
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12. Ideas of a perfect date
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